71 Marathons

Many many thanks to Kristen Boysen for her $71 donation to the Gruffie Scholarship Fund! It’s an oddly specific amount, but Kristen said she did the math and donated $1 for every marathon I am going to hike. Honestly, I had not done the math and looking at it that way certainly kicks up the butterflies in my stomach. Oh, well! 71 marathons, here we come! Continue reading

Girls on 14ers

As we huddled against the wind we came up with a system. Like penguins, we rotated and whoever was big spoon got the less destroyed half of the emergency blanket. Initially, I was big spoon to my much colder friend and we shared the intact piece of flimsy yet surprisingly effective silver, plastic sheeting. We ate what we had, drank what we could, and stuffed emergency hand warmers into the belly pockets of our jackets. Our rope and packs insulated us from the rocks beneath us and we left our helmets on, as concerned by spontaneous rock fall as the cold. Two hours into our bivy, the emergency blanket had torn and we were shaking like half-drowned cats. Continue reading

“Walking” by Edward Abbey

My co-instructor read this to our students on our most recent Outward Bound course. As Abbey tends to inspire in his readers, we all laughed and all felt properly humbled, awed and buoyed. That is the one of the dangers and joys of being an Outward Bound instructor: we are as likely to fall victim to the magic we wield as our students. It fills the air – no one is safe.

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